1) ADJ-GRADED Something that is wobbly moves unsteadily from side to side.

I was sitting on a wobbly plastic chair.

...a wobbly green jelly.

...wobbly teeth.

2) ADJ-GRADED If you feel wobbly or if your legs feel wobbly, you feel weak and have difficulty standing up, especially because you are afraid, ill, or exhausted.

She could not maintain her balance and moved in a wobbly fashion...

Ryan was exhausted by the flight and walked off with wobbly legs to find Clark.

3) ADJ-GRADED If a person's voice is wobbly, it sounds weak and keeps varying in pitch, for example because the person is about to cry.

`So that's why I want to go home,' he said in a wobbly voice.

4) ADJ-GRADED If you describe an organization, economy, or plan as wobbly, you think it is not very good or will not be successful.

...cheap deals on wobbly airlines...

Both countries suffer from soaring unemployment, large budget deficits and wobbly financial sectors.


English dictionary. 2008.

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